Ank Blank Design Management develops and designs optimal solutions for national and international companies.
The main focus of work is the creation and design of innovative products in accordance with companies CI. To achieve maximum product individuality, the impression will be visually and verbally new.

Offer: Anks examples

_CI-support for advertising:

  Advertising in general: Modern, aesthetic design for visual   medias. e.g.: concepts, CI-consulting, Logo- & CI-designs,   packaging, advertising campaigns

_CI-support for products:

  Design management:
_to develop a new product in accordance with CI into a   marketable commodity, incl. mass production, delivery and   distribution.
_to launch and relaunch a product on a market

The advantage & the service:

From concept until realisation and serial production all can stay in one hand. Direct cooperation with different partners ensures a quick processing which saves you money and time.
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